SET IPTV is a user-friendly application accessible through Smart TV app stores, compatible with Samsung (Tizen OS), LG (Web OS), and Android devices.

Key features of SET IP TV include effortless setup, a high-performance video encoder, and support for the Xtream-codes method alongside m3u links.

Setup methods on SET IPTV

Method with m3u link

1 – Once the installation is finished, open the SET IP TV application and you can find its mac address on the screen.



2 – Click to open this link on your browser: and enter the mac address of your application in the field TV MAC.

3 – Choose “Playlist link” method and copy and paste the m3u link you received into the “m3u URL” field.

4 – Activate the captcha “I’m not robot” and click on the “Send” button.

5 – Restart your TV and open SET IP TV again to load the list of channels and VOD.



Method using Xtream codes

As with the first method (m3u link), you follow the same steps and at the third step click on “Xtream-codes infos” to display the fields to fill in with the details of your subscription.


Activation of SET IPTV


SET IPTV offers 7 days free trial at the beginning of the first use. After that you have to pay 15 euros once to activate it for life.

The activation of SET IPTV will be done on the website of the application developers and here is the direct link:

Some questions and answers about SET IPTV

Why doesn’t SET IPTV load the EPG?

If the EPG fails to load using the m3u method in the SET IP TV application, it is recommended to reconfigure your subscription using the Xtream-codes method.

Can I use an external player instead of the default player?

Currently, there is no option to use an external player with SET IP TV. The application operates solely with its default player.